La Comarca Food Group

La Comarca Food Group is one of Spain’s meat processing groups with the highest projections in the pig farming sector. After decades of tradition in the meat industry, the companies that compose the group fulfil each of the branches and needs of the holding’s meat production and are subsequently able to fully oversee the traceability of all the products, allowing us to guarantee the excellence of our meats, the sustainability of our products and the wellbeing of all our workers and our environment.

La Comarca Canaria

Located in the Canary Islands, the company uses traditional channels to offer consumers the quality, animal welfare, sustainability and unique flavour that are the cornerstones of our pork and beef.


Industrial engineering company dedicated to innovation, advanced technology and the integration of environmental management tools.

Labor Alimentaria

Quality laboratory specialised in R&D&i, services, consulting and diagnostics in the food industry.

La Comarca Meats

Meat company specialised in national and international industrial production, with one of the highest levels of automation in Europe.

La Comarca

Uses traditional channels to offer the consumers quality, animal welfare, sustainability and unique flavour in pork and beef thanks to our full control from the farm to the table.

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Who we are
Through the growth of our companies La Comarca and La Comarca Meats in the meat sector, and with the aim of perfecting full control over the product and its quality, we created LCFG new holding company, which also includes two new companies, Ingelor and Labor Alimentaria.
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