The history of La Comarca Food Group started with the beginnings of Grupo Alimentario de Lorca and was born from its decades of pig-farming and pork tradition.

Year after year, the group has worked to create new companies dedicated to each of the production processes, whilst always seeking excellence and total quality control.

Historia LCFG
Evolution and experience from the farm to the market

Experience in every branch of the meat and pig farming industry has allowed the group to greatly evolve, tripling our team of workers and product capacity in a few short years.

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Corporate Social Responsability

Each of the companies within the La Comarca Food Group shares our values, which are reflected in our common objective: to improve the environment we live in.

At LCFG, we believe that, as an important part of industry and society, we must use our influence to create tools that improve the world in which we live and the conditions of those that surround us. We do this through our commitment to sustainability, commitment to our environment, and commitment to our workers.

Compromiso sostenible LCFG

Commitment to sustainability

Responsible supply and emissions use.

Compromiso con nuestro entorno LCFG

Commitment to our environment

Social initiatives and animal welfare awareness campaigns.

compromiso trabajadores LCFG

Commitment to our workers

Training programmes, health and exercise drives.


Contact La Comarca Food Group or the companies that comprise it.


Contact La Comarca Food Group or the companies that comprise it.