Comarca Meats obtains the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management systems

As part of our constant improvement plan, La Comarca Meats seals its commitment to the environment through the ISO 14001 certification of environmental management systems.

At La Comarca Meats, especially after the inauguration of the new facilities, we have expressed our constant commitment to quality, sustainability and exhaustive control of our production through constant improvement in facilities and protocols, as well as quality certifications, national and international, and environmental management.

Through this new certification, we seal our commitment to the environment and to the integration of tools that allow including environmental management in the overall management of the company, in order to provide a complete and effective response to environmental aspects, articulated with the rest of the company’s actions.

The international standard ISO 14001 certifies the implementation of an Environmental Management System, through which the company systematizes the environmental aspects that are generated from each of its activities, as well as protocols to reduce and control any impact they may cause. As part of the Environmental Management System, periodic programs are also carried out to promote environmental protection and prevention of pollution.

Since the beginning of our activity and especially after the inauguration of the new facilities, in La Comarca Meats we have bet on innovation, technology and sustainability in each of our processes, in order to guarantee the highest quality in our products and the best response to the current market; the responsible management of resources and waste is always a core part of this commitment.